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This innovative Web site is a product of the Internship program at Palos Verdes on the NET, Computer Technology Center. It's sole purpose is to serve the public.

The purpose of our Internship program is to provide exciting opportunities and mentoring to creative young minds, while giving those minds (and hands) challenges to overcome using the latest tools and technologies.

The VotingChannel.com voting program was developed using Allaire Coldfusion, and runs on Coldfusion Enterprise Server. Palos Verdes on the NET thanks Allaire for having generously provided their superb software and development tools and training materials for use in our Internship program. There is no substitute for this kind of support, and we commend Allaire on their vision for building a better future by supporting PV on the NET

Although this site is operational, it is not completed and will undergo enhancements and improvements. For example, the week prior to the PV Land Conservancy Photo Contest, Alisa Mueller programmed and designed the pages to support multiple choice votes and display the photos for selecting the Peoples Choice Photo. Our highest compliments go to Alisa for taking on the task and completing it on time!

The following Interns at Palos Verdes on the NET contributed to the design and implementation of this project during the Summer of 2000.

(Names are in no particular order)

Dexter Lee - HTML/Flash/Photoshop.
Designed the look and feel of the site. Summer Internship Program Participant.

Alisa Mueller - HTML/Cold Fusion/
Programmed many of the modules and added the Photo Voting section. Summer Internship Program Participant

Jonathan Lee - HTML/Flash/Photoshop
Designed the look and feel of the site.
Summer Internship Program Participant

Kevin Peng - HTML/Cold Fusion
Programmed many of the modules.
Summer Internship Program Participant

Dan Logan - Mentor
College level intern - spent much time and effort helping interns on the project.
Summer Internship Program Participant

Sean McKee
Staff Designer at Palos Verdes on the NET. Sean performed cleanup and editing prior to final version of this site going on line.

Ted Vegvari
Founder & Director of the Palos Verdes on the NET Internship Program. This project was concieved by Ted and adapted for use as an educational program and business incubator for the Internship program. Interns are lead through traditional business and computer software design processes so they may discover and gain experience firsthand, and reach a successful conclusion and implementation of their project.

Click here for more information about the Palos Verdes on the Net Internship program.

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