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This area is where you fill out the necessary forms in order to start voting or using the polls.

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This is where you must enter a valid email address that you have access to. Failure to do so will mean you will not be able to access the site because specific login info will be sent to this address.

Enter the desired name you would like to have when using this site. Be aware that your username must be at least 4 charcters and length and no spaces are allowed. The only characters allowed are alphanumerics and "_ , - , + , = , & , * , % , # , and ^ "

Your password should be at least characters in length and should be something you can remember but not obvious enough where another user could easily figure it out. You may use the same characters as the username field.

Submit/Reset Buttons
After filling out the forms, you can click on either of these two buttons. Submit sends out your form for processing. Hit this only once when you completely fill out the form and make sure the information provided is correct. If you do make a mistake, click the Reset button to clear all fields so that you may start over again registering.

This is the main part of the site. Here you can vote in various polls once you have registered. Once you have registered and followed the login directions sent to you through the email address you provided, you may now access to the Polls page where you can vote in various categories and topics. Click on the Yes, No, or Undecided button and submit when ready to submit vote. No matter which option you choose, you'll be shown a result page and statistics of the results. To prevent users who have already voted to vote again, a cookie will be implemented into the person's browser so that when they go to a poll they have already voted for, they will only see the results.

This area is reserved for various links around the net related to the voting, PV on the Net, and other polling issues.

About Us
This is where you can learn more info on the producers of this wonderful site, PV on the Net, and of course terms, goals, and focus of the voting page itself.

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These links on the side go to various areas such as main page, credits, and for help.

If there are any more questions please e-mail us.

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